Sleeping Giants Oz App

Available on iPhone and Android

Report, share, and discover

Use the Sleeping Giants Oz App to make racism and misogyny less profitable:

  • Report ads when you see them in hateful content
  • Politely contact companies to alert them to hateful content where their ads appear
  • Share reports on Twitter to help other GIANTS get involved

Detailed reports, tracking, and live updates

Each report includes:

  • A summary of the content where ads have appeared
  • A historic timeline
  • One-touch contact details for the company or place reported
  • Notes where everyone can share knowledge and key updates

Add reports quickly and easily

All GIANTS can add reports in seconds:

  • Look up a company or place using our search or nearby lookup
  • Tell us why you're reporting
  • Add a short summary, and you're done

It's crowd-sourced. We need YOU

Our app features dedicated listings for location-based reports from around the country.

When you see hateful broadcasts on screens in public places, or hateful reading provided in cafes - pick up your phone, and add a nearby report.

Your reports will help our community to fight racism and bigotry

Some reports must be verified before they can be published.