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Peters of Kensington is currently advertising occasionally in incendiary content.

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  • 86Confirmed

Timeline of reports

Key events and confirmed dates where Peters of Kensington ads featured in incendiary content

  • February
    • 3 ads reported
    • No reports for 6 days
    • 1 ad reported
  • August
    • No reports for 178 days
    • 11 ads reported
  • September
    • 22 ads reported
  • October
    • 20 ads reported
  • November
    • 18 ads reported
  • December
    • 10 ads reported
  • January
    • No reports for 27 days
    • 1 ad reported

What could I do?

You could contact Peters of Kensington and raise this report with them. You could also share this report with your contacts.

It is often the case that companies are simply unaware of where their ads appear, so we ask that you give them the benefit of doubt, and be respectful at all times.

Companies might not always reply straight away, and it can take multiple tries to get a response.

What could Peters of Kensington do?

Peters of Kensington could review its media buying strategy with a view to withdraw from content which does not align with its brand, and ensure their media buyer is aware of the content they do not wish to be associated with.

We do not expect companies to publicly denounce content, and it is perfectly acceptable to quietly withdraw advertising.

1 other current report for Peters of Kensington

Here's where Peters of Kensington ads have appeared recently. Open a report for a detailed timeline.

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