Climate Strike: Bullies dig deep for lies and smears

Australia's biggest ever climate action protest sparked an ugly backlash from the usual suspects, inspired by young climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

Alan Jones

Alan Jones described children striking for their futures as 'turds.' This grown man was having none of it, despite the facts.

A clip of Alan Jones' bullying response went viral, giving climate deniers further license to do harm.

Andrew Bolt

After describing Thunberg as 'deeply disturbed,' Bolt said: “I have never seen a girl so young and with so many mental disorders treated by so many adults as a guru.”

Chris Kenny

“This girl should be cared for, rather than paraded around ... instead of debating facts, science, economics, technology, costs, benefits and policy options, the United Nations hands the floor over to a hysterical teenager.”

Peta Credlin

“Those protesters ... I would have run a car over the top of them, I wouldn't have gone around them.”

Image: Canberra Times

Prue MacSween

“I wanted to buy her counselling lessons ... put her over my lap and give her a slapping.”

Paul Murray

“They're giant toddlers who think 'as long as I keep asking for it, eventually daddy will give it to me.'”

Image: Coast Community News

Australia's climate disaster is already here

We're already experiencing prolonged drought, lengthening bushfire seasons, worstening natural disasters, and we're running out of water.

Publicly denying the science and bullying people for responding to it is dangerous.

Image: AAP / Dean Lewins

IMF: Ambitious action needed NOW

Research by the International Monetary Fund shows Australia is still so dependent on coal and other greenhouse gas-intensive energy sources that even direct intervention to address climate change won't be enough for the country to reach its international commitments.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Image: VOA

RBA: risks may become uninsurable

“Insurance claims for natural disasters this decade are more than twice what they were in the previous 10 years ... this impact is likely to grow over time.

Assets that are exposed to increasing physical risk ... could decline in value, particularly if these risks become uninsurable.

Investors could suffer from sudden or unexpected regulatory change that could leave businesses unviable.

Financial institutions also face reputational damage if they are seen to be contributing to climate change.”

Source: RBA / Guardian Australia / Australian Financial Review

Value and policy statements regarding sustainability and climate change are a feature of most large companies.

Despite these public proclamations we continue to see companies funding programs through their advertising on Sky News and Macquarie Radio, where denial of man-made climate change is part of the agenda presented to audiences daily.

While you're here please tell these companies to stop the hypocrisy of where they spend their advertising dollars supporting climate change denial.

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Video footage: ABC/730

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