“OFF THE RAILS”: Rowan Dean loses cool on climate

Sky News host Rowan Dean launched a bizarre tirade on Sunday targeting everyone from Liberal MPs to the UN and Greta Thunberg.

To the laughs and cheers of equally unhinged panellists, Dean spent considerable time mocking Thunberg's accent, and attacking members of parliament who he apparently feels are doing too much on climate change.

Dean appeared visibly disturbed as his tirade continued.

“Climate crazies! Bed wetters!”

Outsiders co-host Rita Panahi jumped in with equal daftness, feigning outrage while suggesting she believes we're meeting Paris targets (we're not even close).

But Rita, what about that IMF warning...

“Even with the rollout of a steep climate tax Australia would fail to meet its Paris emission reduction commitments, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

The global body is urging ‘urgent policy action’ to guard against the threat posed by climate change but says this action would still see some countries fall short of emissions targets.” -SMH / IMF

A frequent occurrence on Sky News, these messages appear to be part of a broader agenda to discredit science and undermine our chance to fix this mess while we still can.

This attack may seem irrational and poorly informed on the surface, but unless we want droughts, bushfires and water shortages to dominate our lives, we need to start taking action against this dangerous propaganda.

Who's paying for this madness?

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Video footage: ABC / 4 Corners

Next steps

Please join the 300,000 plus Australians who've already signed the petition calling on The Australian Parliament to declare a climate emergency (against Rowan's wishes).

Please help us spread the word about this